Learn Myanmar (Burmese) Quickly and Easily

Speak and Understand Myanmar Like a Native

While Cutting Your Learning Time In HALF!




Speaking Myanmar is a great way to enhance your life, and it’s never too late to learn.

Whether you are:

  • traveling to Myanmar
  • have Myanmar-speaking family, friends and colleagues
  • enjoy learning something new
  • or you’re keen to refresh your memory of this beautiful language…

…you’re in the right place!

The Myanmar Project course is what language learning ought to be – fun and easy to follow, with everything you need to become a confident Myanmar speaker. If you’ve tried to learn Myanmar before and it didn’t work out for you, it’s not your fault. If a Myanmar course isn’t designed so you can learn your way, it will be only be a waste of time and money.


Imagine. . . communicating effortlessly with local Myanmar people

Whether you’re traveling to Myanmar for fun, working in the country, or are simply interested in Myanmar culture, we can help you learn the language with our fun and comprehensive course. Although the Myanmar language may seem intimidating at first, with a little practice you’ll be forming sentences and carrying on conversations at the teashop in no time!

You can talk to all of them!

You can talk to all of them!

The Myanmar Project consists of a textbook and audio files that are available for download instantly. The course material is completely up-to-date and includes a huge variety of vocabulary from basic greetings and ordering food to shopping and renting an apartment. The Myanmar Project is based in Yangon and consists entirely of native speakers. The words you will learn come directly from everyday situations, no ancient sounding vocabulary here! Just think of the experiences you’ll have if you’re able to speak with everyday people in Myanmar…


Some advantages of the Myanmar Project Language Course:

  • Instant download. You could be speaking Myanmar in the next five minutes.
  • Full audio of all the vocabulary and conversations in the text.
  • 180+ page textbook covering a huge variety of topics from accommodation to ordering tea.
  • Handwriting practice worksheets to get you writing fast.
  • Written by native speakers in Yangon. Our course is accurate.
  • Take your Burmese lessons with you! All audio is in .mp3 format. Listen while you’re relaxing, driving, or at work.
  • Designed for self study. No need to search for a teacher.
  • No archaic or stuffy language. The language spoken in the course is the way it’s used in everyday situations.
  • Reasonable cost. You don’t need to spend money on lessons, which can cost up to US$20 per hour!

Want to know what specific topics we teach in the course? No problem! Check out this page for a full run down.